Whether you’re a new curler, a seasoned curler or want to try something new, the Whitehorse Curling Club has something for you.


This year we are facilitating our registration process by using online registration.  Starting September 1st, registration will be available at


Be sure you know how many members are going to be on your team and who you will designate as your skip on the form.

Friday night teams will also have to know your team name. Be sure your entire team uses the same information so we don’t have duplicate teams with different skips or team names.

Be aware NO LOANER GEAR will be available this season.  Due to the impossibility of sanitizing volumes of equipment as they are used, we cannot provide loaner gear this season. We are offering reasonably priced rentals or you may buy a low-priced starter package.  We have done our very best to provide you a choice of gear at low, low prices.


The process is simple.

  1. Go online and using your browser to go to
  2. Go to the Leagues Tab (upper right) and select the league(s) you wish to register.  Multiple league discounts will be automatically calculated for you.
  3. If you wish to purchase or book rental equipment go to the Products Tab (upper right) and make your selections. Curling shoes and other gear will be available from the Pro Shop.
  4. In order to check out you will need to:
  1. Create a curling profile. You will be prompted through the steps.

If you already have a Curling Canada profile through competition, you can use the email for that profile when registering with us.

More than one family member can use the same profile, simply by adding that person’s information to your profile. This way all family members can register in one session.

  1. Sign the adult or youth waiver by selecting “I agree”.
  2. Sign the COVID-19 waiver by selecting “I agree”.  

  1. Choose a payment method.

Cash, cheque or e-transfer: This is the preferred method to eliminate the cost of credit/debit card transactions. Your registration will be automatically recorded. If you choose cash or cheque, you will need make arrangements to pay at the club office before leagues begin. You can also e-transfer your fees to The club is only charged 30 cents per registration.

Credit or debit card: if you choose this method of payment, you will be prompted through the steps. This method costs the club 2.9% on each transaction plus 30 cents per registration.


Once you have registered, our office is alerted by email.  If you are paying by cheque or cash, or you wish to pay by credit card at the club, contact the office to arrange payment. You must pay PRIOR TO going on the ice.  


Contact the office at 667-2875 or Book a time to come in and we will walk you through the process.  ALL curlers will be recorded in our online registration system.


Register for the league(s) of your choosing. When you fill in the fields for team and skip put LOOKING.  Your registration will come up on Team LOOKING. If you are looking for a team, please also select your preferred position. We will post your contact information on the website under “Players Looking for a team” and later collate the remaining registrations to try to form teams.


You can provide your information to us to post on our website under “Players Looking for a Team” before you register. Those looking for players can go to the website to find your contact information. You can register once you’re on a team.

NOTE:  Whichever method you choose, if you find a team, please let us know to remove you from the looking list.


Check out our website Click on the tab “Players Looking for A Team”.   All teams are responsible to confirm four players. A full team entry for Monday – Thursday evening leagues is $1500 this season. Three member teams will be required to pay the difference.