Fee Structure

The Whitehorse Curling Club offers many service options to our members. Our pricing structure is based on the idea “you get what you pay for” – if you don’t want an optional item, such as a locker, then you don’t pay for it. We strive to provide good value to our members and be financially responsible for the sustainability for the sport of curling in Whitehorse.


Membership fee

Every curler pays the same amount to become a member of the club. Membership grants you access to our private, licensed lounge – an amenity not offered by many (any?!) sports clubs in Whitehorse. You also have the privilege of signing in guests to our comfortable lounge.

 League fee(s)

This is why we’re all here! Join a league and you’ll play a game on the same day each week. You can enter more than one league per week. Fees are paid for each league you enter – if you curl more, you pay more, but a 50% discount is offered on additional leagues.

Check our leagues and registration forms here.

Other fees

Want a locker for your killer new broom ($50 per season)? Perhaps you can’t commit to a weekly game but want to fill in when a team needs a spare curler? We have fees that only apply in certain situations.

A note on our operating expenses

Quite simply, it’s expensive to run a curling club! We pay market-value rent to the City of Whitehorse on our lounge and ice surface, and the electrical bill to run our ice-making equipment is enormous. We hire our own ice technicians to install and maintain the ice, and they work every day of the season to maintain an incredible curling surface for us to enjoy. The fees you pay help us cover these costs. Thanks!