InSchool Curling Program

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Dear Teachers,
We are once again offering the in-school curling program at the Whitehorse Curling Club.

What is the In-School Curling Program?

With help from club membership, coaches will provide a fun introductory 60 minute lesson plan, tailored to the age and experience of the students. Curling is a fantastic sport for young children – it’s fun, physically active, teaches great values, and is very affordable. It’s also a unique sport and will leave a lasting positive impression with the children.

When are the sessions offered?
We understand that getting the children to the curling club can be difficult logistically. We will try our best to work with your schedules. If we cannot accommodate the dates you provide will we will do our best to come up with other dates that work for us both.

What grades?
Grades 3-12.

What do they need to bring?
All equipment is provided, so appropriate dress and footwear are the only requirements. Clean indoor sneakers and flexible, warm clothing are essential. For grades 3-4, you may want to require your children to wear bicycle helmets as another precaution, if a helmet is desired please have the student bring one along.

What is the cost?
We understand that getting the students off site can be a production that includes bussing costs. We are offering this program for no cost to you.
How do I sign up?

Email the form to . We will confirm the dates with you within a few days! Thank you and we hope to see you and your class this season at the Curling Club.

Cynthia Pothier
In-school Curling Program Coordinator