League Rules – Tuesday Super League 2018/2019

(1) Length of Game
- Games are scheduled for 8 ends. Any games tied after the regulation number of ends are to be decided by an extra end.

(2) Time Limit *NEW FOR 2018-19*
- No new end may start past 9:00pm as based on the rink clock, EXCEPT in the case of a tie game that requires an extra end. A game that is tied in less than the regulation 8 ends but has reached the time limit does NOT meet this exception and would be declared a tie game.
- This rule was developed solely to encourage teams to improve their pace of play for the enjoyment of all participants.

(3) Pre-Game
-  Teams have the opportunity to throw a brief “2 Up, 2 Down” practice prior to the game. The team designated to throw red stones will have the first practice starting at 6:45, or as soon as the ice is ready.
- There is no last stone draw as part of the pre-game practice. First end hammer is assigned to the team with first practice.

(4) Super League Fee
- The $500 super league team fee is payable to the club and is due by November 1st.

(5) League Format
- 18 week ‘regular’ season during which each game is worth $30. Followed by a 5 week ‘playoff’ to qualify for one of four cash skins games.  (subject to change if number of teams changes)

(6) Sweeping Regulations
- At this time, super league participants are not required to use WCF approved fabrics; however, we refer to the guidance provided by Curling Canada and the World Curling Federation for club curling that states:

“In keeping with the ‘Spirit of Curling’, individuals who are elite competitors or very proficient sweepers should consider whether it is ‘fair’ that they use non-conforming equipment in a recreational competition even if the rules allow it.”

“We would also encourage everyone however, to consider the true spirit of the sport of curling, and regardless of the brush head in use, all players should revert to the sweeping techniques / styles in play prior to the 2015-16 season. Most of the ‘unusual’ sweeping methods encountered last season have been dispelled as demonstrated / verified by the results of the Sweeping Summit and the executive summary of the NRC.”

- Super League sweeping rules may be adjusted at any point during the season if the above guidance is deemed insufficient to maintain the integrity of the game.